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Securikey Safes

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The Securikey range of quality safes, provide a robust secure solution for storing cash and valuables in either domestic or demanding commercial environments. Each safe is given a cash rating depending on its ability to resist attack, to help you choose the best model to meet your needs. 

Certified & Tested

Every Euro grade safe is independently approved and certified after undergoing a series of rigorous and exhaustive technical and practical tests for use within a diverse range of applications and environments. The results are signified by the appropriate badge on each safe stating the name of the testing house and the model number.


Each cash safe is tested and classified by the level of security and fire protection it provides and is designated a cash rating from £1,000 up the £100,000. This is the amount that an insurer will cover for the storage of cash - for valuables the rating is calculated by simply multiplying the cash cover by 10 (example: £6,000 cash rating x 10 = £60,000 valuables rating). These figures are a guide and it is important that you liaise with your insurer for confirmation prior to installation.