Securikey Mini Vault Gold FR - £4,000 Insurance Rated

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 £4,000 Cash Rating + 30 Minutes Fire Protection


The Mini Vault S2 Gold Fire Resistant range of fire safes has been constructed using the same advanced manufacturing techniques as the Mini Vault Silver, resulting in a reliable, hard wearing safe solution. However, the Mini Vault Gold FR also incorporates a special double-walled design using a fire resistant barrier material that meets standard DIN 4102, enabling these safes to offer fire protection for thirty minutes at temperatures of up to 750°C.

As a result, the Mini Vault Gold FR range is recommended for the safekeeping of important documents and other items that are highly susceptible to fire damage, including valuables and cash, and have also been designated a higher cash rating. Available in three sizes, all models include a jewellery shelf with a thick felt finish on one side for storing delicate items, a battery operated motion sensitive light, batteries and fixing bolts for easy installation.

As with all our security safes, the Mini Vault range incorporates a key-lock as standard, with an alternative electronic locking option also available depending on the customer's requirement. More information about these can be found under the Help & Support section Securikey's website, along with down loadable programming instruction and informative videos covering our entire product range.

Mini Vault Presentation Video

Model Height Width Depth Weight Capacity Shelves Locking Price 
mm mm mm kg litres  Delivered + VAT
Mini Vault  S2 Gold FR0 ext 250 374 274 25 7 0 Key £194.00
int 138 304 168 Electronic £245.00
Mini Vault  S2 Gold FR1 ext 294 374 325 32 12 1 Key £230.00
int 182 304 220 Electronic £284.00
Mini Vault  S2 Gold FR2 ext 532 374 425 62 41 2 Key £326.00
int 420 304 320 Electronic £378.00
Mini Vault S2 Gold FR3 ext 470 435 405 62 38 1 Key £332.00
int 350 360 305 Electronic £398.00