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Mortice Locks

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Lock Type Guide

Mortice Deadlocks - Locks with simple key to lock and unlock operation. Usually used to add additional security to existing locks e.g. nightlatches, sashlocks

Mortice Sashlocks - Locks with two bolts - a key operated deadbolt and a handle operated latchbolt to hold the door in the closed position when not locked.

Mortice Nightlatches - A latch only lock (auto-deadlocking on closure on security models). The latch bolt can be withdrawn by key or inside turn, and lever handle for exit. Some models have a snib "on latch" button to hold the latch inside the lockcase when security is not required. Used where auto locking of the door is essential, exit without key e.g. entrance doors.

Mortice Escape Locks - Exactly the same operation as Mortice Sashlocks (see above) but exit is made by using lever handle, so a key is not required in an emergency. The outside handle operates the latchbolt, the inner handle withdraws both bolts simultaneously.

Sliding Door Mortice Locks - These locks operate the same as Mortice Deadlocks (see above) but are used on sliding doors. They have either a spreading claw deadbolt or hookbolt.

Bathroom Mortice Locks - These locks do not use keys to lock the door - they are locked by the use of a thumbturn on the inside and can be overridden by a coin in a small emergency turn on the outside in case the occupier has collapsed.

Euro DIN Mortice Locks - This range offers all the above lock types (except sliding) in a large Euro profile cylinder operated lockcase. The large size is to accommodate the 70mm minimum distance between handle and cylinder which is required by commercial building regulations for easy use by the disabled or infirm.