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Digital Locks


In both KABA-Unican and Lockey, we stock both market leading brands of high quality mechanical digital access control products, designed for residential, lodging, commercial and industrial applications.

Models include heavy-duty models which are ideal for high traffic, security sensitive areas in commercial, institutional and industrial applications.


There is a wide range  digital locks, offering differing functions and finishes. The type of lock selected depends on the function, and very importantly the traffic/abuse that the lock will encounter when in operation.

For example, a low traffic lock e.g 2430 may cope well with high traffic - if the people using the lock are not heavy handed. But through experience any lock on a public building or school will be exposed to abuse and attempted misuse.

Therefore a heavy traffic unit (e.g Kaba Unican 1011) should be installed EVEN IN LOW TRAFFIC AREAS where abuse may occur. Please contact us on 01226 203542 if you need help with your selection.