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Cisa Padlocks


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Cisa 28050-55 Steel Padlock

55mm wide solid steel

£45.60 inc. VAT
Cisa 28550-66 Sliding Shackle Steel Padlock

66mm Wide Slide Bolt

£49.92 inc. VAT
Cisa 28550-75 Sliding Shackle Steel Padlock

75mm Wide Slide Bolt

£53.40 inc. VAT
Cisa 28550-84 Sliding Shackle Steel Padlock

84mm Wide Slide Bolt

£54.36 inc. VAT
Cisa 28550-85 Sliding Shackle Steel Padlock

85mm Wide Slide Bolt

£54.36 inc. VAT

Cisa offer an excellent range of solid steel padlocks which provide high security solutions to demanding applications e.g shutters, containers, grills. Well proven in the industrial market, all with replaceable/re-keyable cylinders to offer many years of trouble free security.