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Cisa Astral S Anti-Snap Cylinders


The Cisa Astral S Anti-Snap lock cylinder provides the best solution against snapping thanks to its snap resistant flexible core. 
  1.  +40% resistance to tearing thanks to the Snap Resistant feature, a dual-material steel core
  2. Resistance to bumping with the BKP (Bump Key Power) patented system 
  3. Drill resistance thanks to pins, drivers and inserts in hardened steel
Featuring a steel laminated core to flex without breaking under attack, the Astral S range provides both security and a great visual deterrent. These premium quality locks are manufactured at Cisa in Italy using the best materials available resulting in high reliability and trouble free operation. The Astral reversible key offers high durability and ease of operation. The Cisa Astral S range is tested and certified to meet British Standard 6EN1303:2005 for insurer requirements (key related security: 6 Attack resistance: 1  Durability: 6 - all highest grades available for anti-snap cylinder mechanisms)

Anti-Snap V Break Secure?
As an anti-snap solution, the Cisa Astral S actually resists snapping, whereas other security cylinder locks are break secure-design which means that they are designed to break if attacked to protect the door mechanism from being compromised. Break-Secure cylinders can snap with heavy use, or when large bunches of keys are hung from the lock - this is not a problem with Cisa Astra S - offering reliable security, whatever the application