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Brisant Ultion Break Secure Cylinders

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Ultion WXM Break-Secure Double Cylinders

Key operation from both sides of door £CALL

£0.00 inc. VAT
Ultion WXM Break-Secure Key & Turn Cylinders

Key outside / turn operation inside £CALL

£0.00 inc. VAT
Ultion WXM Break-Secure Single (Half) Cylinders

Key operation one side of door only £CALL

£0.00 inc. VAT
Ultion WXM Rim (Yale Type) Cylinder

Replacement for Yale type rim cylinders £CALL

£0.00 inc. VAT
Brisant 66X Series Keys

Best priced Genuine Brisant Keys £CALL

£0.00 inc. VAT
Brisant Ultion Keys

Best priced Genuine Ultion Keys £CALL

£0.00 inc. VAT
Ultion Key Caps

For Ultion & Brisant keys only

£4.00 inc. VAT
Brisant Lution XM Graphite Powder Lock Lubricant

50 grams average content

£7.19 inc. VAT

Security device for patio doors

£69.00 inc. VAT

Introducing the new Ultion WXM Break-Secure Cylinder solution from Brisant Limited. Offering maximum protection from snapping, bump key, picking and drilling attacks on PVCu, wooden, composite or metal doors.

THE WXM offers improvements over the established standard Ultion cylinder:
  • 800,000 cycles from the 100,000 cycles needed to achieve TS007:3 Star certification
  • Extra molybdenum in the lock core (stranger than steel) shielding 20 anti-drill points - This lock is exceptionally hard to drill
  • 33% thicker keys than standard Ultion for improved key durability
  • Sold Secure Standard
The Ultion Snap-Secure cylinder lock boasts two sacrificial break points on both sides of the cylinder *
If the cylinder is snapped at the centre sacrificial point a "LOCKDOWN" is automation engaged preventing access to the door mechanism by the burglar.

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Tested and accredited to BS-TS007:3 star maximum security standard AND Sold Secure Diamond certification - accepted by all UK insurers.
Available in attractive dual, polished chrome or brass finishes to compliment any door handles or door furniture - Individually keyed or in keyed alike sets (matching keys).
You will not find Ultion security locks for sale online as the manufacturer does not allow any stockist to list online prices.
We can supply Ultion High Security Cylinders at the lowest price guaranteed!
Do not buy until we have given you a no obligation quote!

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