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Avocet ABS Padlocks from £32.00

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Avocet ABS Padlocks - Standard

Individually Keyed Locks (different keys for each lock)

£38.40 inc. VAT
Avocet ABS Padlocks - Keyed Alike

Locks with matching keys for convenience

£46.80 inc. VAT
Avocet ABS Padlocks - Assembled To Key Code

Additional locks assembled to operate with your existing ABS keys

£46.80 inc. VAT
Avocet ABS Cylinder Maintenance Powder (Graphite)

5ml average content - Recommended by ABS to maintain the smooth operation of your ABS locks

£4.20 inc. VAT

Avocet ABS Padlocks

Avocet ABS Padlocks - The ideal compliment for your ABS MK3 Break-Secure Door Locks.


Select from the keying options below:   
                   BL1 Padlock