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Avocet ABS MK3 Keying Options Explained


Individually Keyed?
The standard option where each locks has its own keys - not as convenient in use as keyed alike (below) but avoids the necessity of change all locks if key is stolen. An individually keyed lock may be purchased with additional locks keyed alike to the same key at a later date by quoting the unique key code number of the original locks key card! (See "Extra locks to match my own keys" option below)

Keyed Alike ?
If you have more than one lock on your property, you may appreciate the convenience of having your locks operated by the same key - to avoid carrying different keys around with you. The benefits are more significant with the more locks that you have. You may just require both locks on your patio doors keyed alike as a matching pair, or you may want all your doors, including your garage and shed keyed alike as a new set. You may just require an additional lock to work on the same key as your new ABS front door key.
Additional locks may be ordered in the future onto your key code if and when required (See "Extra locks to match my own keys" option below)

By selecting the "Keyed Alike Set" option, you can order any combination of size, lock colour, and application onto the same key! (single-sided, double-sided or key & Quantum thumbturn, rim or padlock)

Please select the keying option you require:          
Locks with different keys (To differ)
Keyed  Alike Sets This option is for a new set of locks all to be operated by the same key
Extra Locks To Match My Own Keys For extra locks to operate with your own ABS key
If you are unsure about the procedure of ordering keyed alike ABS  locks, please do not hesitate to call us on 01226 203542 during office hours for free advice or to place your order.