Avocet ABS MK3 Break Secure Locks

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ABS MK3 Anti Snap Locks

All sizes in stock from the UK's largest supplier - from £26.80 - Extra keys and key colour options same day despatch. 
Avocet ABS Secure MK3 cylinders offer the maximum high security snap-secure solution for wooden, aluminium, uPVC and composite doors. The ABS MK3 cylinder has achieved BSI Kite Mark accreditation, "Secured By Design" approval, Sold Secure Diamond Standard SS312 and the latest BS:TS007:2012 3 Star certification. 
This makes it highest security cylinder available BAR NONE. For information on the epidemic of lock snapping click here
Sold Secure Diamond Test

The Sold Secure Diamond accreditation is the ultimate test for lock cylinders against snapping and bump key attack. SSD is a far more demanding test than the British Standard TS007 3 star test - so much so, that only two lock cylinders have passed.

Beware - Do not accept so called anti-snap cylinders
without the BS:007 3 star kite mark clearly displayed
on the cylinder face - they offer little or no increase in
security over standard cylinders and therefore are not
acceptable by most insurers.

The  ABS Secure MK3 cylinder features unique "Snap Secure" patented technology that ensures that if the door is attacked, the cylinder snaps in TWO places (not just one like all other anti-snap models)  and totally blocks access to the internal mechanism of your door lock preventing entry. 

This "Snap Attack" is THE most common method of entry due to the speed of entry (usually less than 30 seconds) and the lack of skill required. The ABS Secure  MK3 also incorporates bump resistant technology to prevent entry by the "Bump Key" method.

If required, you can choose to register your keys for free online with ABS, to protect against unauthorised duplication. If you choose to register your keys, you will be asked by us for your registered password before extra keys are issued, keeping you in total control.

  • SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Grade
  • 3 Star British Standard Kitemark - TS007:2014 (KM 586153)
  • Secured by Design Accreditation (Police preferred specification)
  • Patented Snap Secure Technology
  • Pick, Drill & Bump Resistant
  • Pin-in-Pin and magnetic pin technology
  • 6 trap pins for advanced pick resistance
  • 16 Anti-drill pins
  • Double, single, thumbturn, rim and padlock formats available
  • Three keys as standard per cylinder
  • Secure online key registering
  • Keyed alike sets available - for your convenience
  • Tested to and achieved:  BS EN 1303:2005, BS 3621:2007, PAS 24:2007, TS007:2007:2014 - 3 Star, SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Grade

ABS MK3 Snap-Secure cylinders require no adaptation to the door or existing handle and can be installed in minutes. Forget security handles & cylinder guards, NO additional security handles or guards are required to meet TS007:2012 - 3 star maximum security grade (require by insurers).

Not sure how to measure and replace your existing cylinders?

It is essential that you read our measuring method to avoid ordering the incorrect size ABS cylinders. We can guarantee that by employing our measuring method you will not get it wrong! 

Click here for ABS cylinder measuring guide

Same day despatch on orders placed before 1pm

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