Avocet ABS Master Series Cylinders

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Avocet ABS  Master Keyed Double Cylinders

Key operation both sides

£0.00 inc. VAT
Avocet ABS Master Keyed Single (Half) Cylinders

Key operation one side

£0.00 inc. VAT
Avocet ABS  Master Keyed Thumbturn Cylinders

Key operation outside/ turn inside

£0.00 inc. VAT
Avocet ABS Master Keyed Series Rim Cylinder

Replacement rim cylinder

£0.00 inc. VAT
ABS Master Series Keys

By M code number

£8.70 inc. VAT
Brisant Lution XM Graphite Powder Lock Lubricant

50 grams average content

£7.19 inc. VAT

Security device for patio doors

£69.00 inc. VAT


The ABS (Avocet Break Secure) Master Series lock range features unique patented Active Snap Protection which is proven to secure against lock snapping attacks.

ABS Master Series has SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Rating, TS007 3 Star rating, British Kite marked and Secured By Design accreditation.

  • Patent protected key until 2032
  • Restricted key system
  • Available master keyed to user specification
  • Extensive master keying capability - including multi-site and communal entrance access for all users capability.
  • SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Grade
  • 3 Star British Kite mark - TS007:2014 (KM 586135)
  • Corrosion resistant to  meet BS EN 1670 2007
  • Secured by Design Accredited (Police preferred specification)
  • Patented Active Snap Protection -Internal lock-off system
  • Pick, Drill & Bump Resistant
  • Multi-zone anti-drill protection
  • Double, single and thumbturn cylinder formats
  • Three patent protected keys and security code per cylinder as standard 
  • Coloured key dot inserts for key level identification
  • Polished brass or polished chrome plated finishes

Example of master keying:   

Master Keying Explained

Master key systems are required when a "master key" is required by a landlord or building owner to open all the locks on a properties AND also require keys open the individual locks only.