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ASEC Vital Cylinders

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ASEC Vital Single (Half) Euro Cylinders

Key operation from one side of door

£9.12 inc. VAT
ASEC Vital Double Euro Cylinders

Key operation from both sides

£10.68 inc. VAT
ASEC Vital Key & Turn Euro Cylinders

Internal Turn / External Key

£13.44 inc. VAT
ASEC Single (Half) Oval Cylinders

Key operation from one side only

£11.04 inc. VAT
ASEC Vital UK Double Oval Cylinders

Key operation both sides

£13.44 inc. VAT
ASEC Vital UK Key & Turn Oval Cylinders

Key Outside / Turn Inside

£15.00 inc. VAT
ASEC Vital VT10170 Rim Cylinder

To replace rim latch cylinders

£8.64 inc. VAT
ASEC Vital VT10171 Single Threaded Cylinder

For threaded metal door locks

£12.84 inc. VAT
ASEC Vital VT10172 Pair Threaded Cylinders

For threaded metal door locks

£23.88 inc. VAT
Avocet ABS Cylinder Maintenance Powder (Graphite)

5ml average content - Recommended by ABS to maintain the smooth operation of your ABS locks

£4.20 inc. VAT
Brisant Lution XM Graphite Powder Lock Lubricant

50 grams average content - Recommended to maintain your Ultion locks smooth operation and guarantee

£6.48 inc. VAT

Security device for patio doors

£67.80 inc. VAT
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Asec Vital Lock Cylinders
ASEC Vital cylinders are manufactured using highly automated CNC machinery which enables a high degree of assurance in dimensional accuracy, producing a quality product every time.

ASEC cylinders are tested to a 200,000 cycle test, well above the BS EN1303 requirement. 
All cylinders are provided with mushroom anti pick top pins, brass bottom pins, an extruded solid brass body, and a Steel Cam manufactured to DIN standard 18254.

All Euro design cylinders feature sacrificial ends, designed to "Break Secure" if attacked - preventing entry by the popular lock snapping method

ASEC cylinders are offered Keyed to differ (KD) or Keyed Alike (KA) in dual finish (Satin chrome body - brass inner)