Abus Diskus Padlocks

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Diskus® – The original disc lock classic made in Germany

The disc lock is a special form of the padlock with some distinct advantages. The disc shape effectively combats the most common ways of forcing it open. The design means that there is only a small opening in the shackle, which makes it very difficult to tamper with. As the ABUS disc lock is made mainly of stainless steel, it is used especially where security and protection against corrosion are required.


360-degree all-round protection

The Diskus® family is available in models with diameters between 50 and 80 mm. The original disc lock is only available from ABUS. The flagship 20 Series features the ABUS Plus Disc locking system and cylinder pulling protection.

ABUS Diskus buying guide:

ABUS 23 Series - The standard range - ideal for all applications to meet the keenest of budgets

ABUS 24IB Series - As standard range but with extra resistant to corrosion as found in Marine/coastal  locations

ABUS 26 Series - Higher security offering extra protection against drill and cylinder extraction attacks (Insurance CEN Grade 3)

ABUS 20 Granit Series - The highest security diskus padlocks - Extra pick resistance with Granit plus mechanisms (Insurance CEN Grade 3)