Abus 96TI Series Titalium Padlocks From £13.90

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ABUS 96TI Series TITALIUM Padlocks

The solid lock body and high-tech key make the ABUS 96 TITALIUM Series look of high security at first sight!
The hardened shackles and their limited access due to raised shoulders (for CS version) provide excellent resistance against attack by cutting tools.

The cylinder with dimple key system is the quality and security feature of these new TITALIUM padlocks. Users also benefit from the great ease of operation provided by the reversible dimple key.

Product Features:

  • Closed or open shackle models
  • Big and solid aluminium lock body
  • 10 pins and 150,000 key differs
  • Reversible key and automatic locking
  • 9.5 mm (50mm) and 11mm (60mm) thick hardened steel shackle with Nano Protect coating
  • Attractive stainless steel finish
  • Supplied with 2 keys per lock as standard