Abus 160 Series Combination Padlocks


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Abus 160/40 Combination Padlock

40mm wide die cast body

£24.00 inc. VAT
Abus 160/50 Combination Padlock

50mm wide die cast body

£27.60 inc. VAT



Abus 160 Series Combination Locks 

  • To secure valuables/goods of medium value or at an average risk of theft
  • Suitable to secure doors, gates, cupboards, lockers, tool boxes, cellar windows, sheds, switchboards, etc.
  • Ideally used with ABUS Hasp No. 100


  • Shackle made from hardened steel
  • Double bolted
  • Lock body and shackle with appealing chrome finish
  • 160/40: individually reset able 3-digit code
  • 160/50: individually reset able 4-digit code