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Abloy Padlocks & Hasps


Abloy are the worlds leader in high security padlocks using the globally recognised and unique rotating disc principle. With no springs or pins to wear out, the rotational disc system offers millions of key combinations combined with a precision pick & bump proof mechanism. We supply Abloy locks exclusively for off shore oil, gas and wind turbine facilities due the their proven reliability in extreme weather conditions.

Abloy keys are globally patent protected to avoid unauthorised key duplication, keeping you in total control. The Abloy padlock range has gained worldwide recognition for their strength and durability in the harshest environments, making Abloy the first choice for defence, government, utilities, telecommunication and rail companies around the globe.


Mechanism Choice

 Sentry System
  • Patented key duplication protection
  • Can only be keyed together with other Abloy padlocks models and industrial locks.
  • AWS - Anti Wear System - Exceptionally smooth mechanism resists wear for heavy use applications.
  • Strongest key profile in the Abloy range.
  • Reversible key entry for ease of use.
Protec2 System
  • Patented duplication protection - can be used with ALL Abloy locking products including door locks.
  • Reversible key entry for ease of use