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Abloy Master Key Charges & Master keys

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This charge is added to locks which are required to all be operated by their own key AND a master key (which operates all locks in the system). Your master keyed locks are supplied with 2 keys per lock (servant keys).
Please add one master keyed charge per lock.
Master keys are not included,and can be ordered in  "Master Keys" here


What does Master Keyed Mean?

If you have more than one lock on your property, you may appreciate the convenience of having all your locks operated by the same master key - but still have second level keys (servant keys) to open individual locks. The benefits are more significant with the more locks that you have. You may just require a pair of locks master keyed, or you may want all your doors, desks and padlocks all master keyed.
There is no difference in the security level of master keyed Abloy locks - Your Abloy master keyed lock set (suite) is bespoke, no-one else will have the same key combinations.

Extra master keyed locks locks can be ordered at any time onto your suite to extend your system as and when required.