Abloy Furniture & Cam Locks

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Abloy Keyed Alike Charge (per lock)
£7.80 inc. VAT
Abloy Master Keyed Charge (per lock)
£15.00 inc. VAT
Custom Key & Lock Marking
£1.80 inc. VAT

Abloy Furniture & Cabinet Locks

The Abloy range of industrial locks offer a wide range of locking solutions, making them ideally suited to applications  such as cash/valuable holding, gaming machines & parking meters.

The Abloy furniture lock range offers all the normal functions expected - deadbolt, hookbolt and clawbolt.

Push button locks are designed for sliding doors of glass, wood or metal construction. However, the locking operation lends itself to solving many problems associated with small applications.

The Abloy range of industrial locks are designed and built to high quality standards and are widely used by manufacturers across the world who demand quality and reliability.