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Abloy Door Cylinders

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Custom Key & Lock Marking
£1.80 inc. VAT
Abloy offer a full range of high security cylinders which can be supplied keyed differ (each with a unique key combination), keyed alike ( all locks to the same key combination) or master keyed (limitless keying option - with master key over ride). All variants can be keyed together to meet any requirements. Developed for both high security and high traffic commercial and industrial applications, Abloy cylinders provide the features required in the most demanding and extreme applications.

Abloy's first choice flagship two way action  platform provides maximum security and flexibility to satisfy any individual bespoke security requirement. 

This is possible due to the vast number of key combinations available, enabling locking systems to include thousands of locks and employees. The principle advantage of  over Sentry platform is the patented two-way mechanism (lock and unlock) which covers the complete product range of high-security door lock cylinders, industrial locks, electric locks, cabinet/cam locks and padlocks. One key can fit all when included in a keyed alike system, or extensive multi-level master key ability.

  • Bump proof mechanism
  • Patented cylinder and key structure in the UK and Ireland until 2031
  • Exceptionally smooth key entry and operation
  • Two way operation of locks - can be used with door locks
  • Thinner and lighter keys than the Sentry platform, but still with incredible strength
  • Can be master keyed and keyed alike with door locks which require two way action - cam, furniture and electric as well as padlocks.
  • Strictly controlled key duplication - ensuring against the unauthorised copying of keys
  • 1.97 billion key combinations available - Extensive master keying capabilities